Aksel Telle

Senior Operation Technician at ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES AS

I work with Microsoft Technologies, Linux Systems and as a Web Developer.

Contact me: contact (at) akseltelle.com


Senior Operation Technician

Orange Business Services AS (Previously Basefarm AS)

Senior Operation Technician

Basefarm have changed name to Orange Business Services

September 2022 - Present

Senior Operation Technician

Basefarm AS

Senior Operation Technician

August 2021 - September 2022


Noroff School of technology and digital media

Network and IT Security

August 2020 - June 2021


Noroff School of technology and digital media

Network and System Administrator at Noroff.

August 2019 - June 2020

Telecommunications Technician

Bravida Norge AS

Telecommunications Technician

August 2016 - June 2021




TicketCore was built as a small tool for homelabbers and small projects. It is a ticketing system that integrates beautifully with Uptime Kuma and custom API requests using Curl.

By using TicketCore with Uptime Kuma, you get all notifications dirrectly into one central system. This is useful when having multiple instances of monitoring.

You can also use the custom Curl API to create tickets dirrectly from a server. This is great when having multiple scripts and functions. By using TicketCore's API in your scripts, you can create tickets instantly if something goes wrong.

Read more at https://ticketcore.net/about/

2023 - Present



I have built an add-on tool for TicketCore called MonitorCore. This is a monitoring system that integrates perfectly into TicketCore. It monitor all your systems every minute, and create a ticket to TicketCore if a service goes down. It also updates the same ticket if a service comes back up. The system can also send out Telegram notifications if this is enabled in TicketCore.

2023 - Present

Fawdaw Mirror


Fawdaw Mirror is a website i created just for fun in 2017. It was mainly a small repository where i kept software i wanted to keep. A bit later, i found out that many people was using Fawdaw Mirror activly, and shared the site on different forums. From that day, i decided to work on the project more active, and add more software to the site. At the moment, Fawdaw Mirror holds 205 GB of software that is shared with everyone for free. Fawdaw Mirror is free, and with no ads. All software is either Open-Source or abandoned by the developer.

2017 - Present


Programming Languages & Systems
I have knowledge of:
  • Front End Web Development: HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Back End Web Development: PHP & MySQL
  • Linux & Linux Servers
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Servers & Networking


  • Certificate of apprenticeship: Telecommunications Fitter Profession - 11. december 2018

  • NSM basic principles for ICT-security Course completed on oct 18, 2022
  • Unix for Mac OS X Users Course completed on sep 21, 2019 - 6 hours 35 min
  • IoT Foundations: Operating Systems Fundamentals Course completed on sep 21, 2019 - 1 hour 59 min
  • Learning Ubuntu Desktop Course completed on sep 21, 2019 - 1 hour 37 min
  • Linux: Overview and Installation Course completed on sep 21, 2019 - 1 hour 3 min

Domain Portfolio

  • norhood.com (Registered 2012-06-03)
  • fawdaw.com (Registered 2014-06-21)
  • pxcd.org (Registered 2018-11-28)
  • akseltelle.com (Registered 2021-07-13)
  • atelle.xyz (Registered 2021-12-18)
  • atelle.org (Registered 2022-10-19)
  • buildnorge.no (Registered 2022-10-20)
  • hobbyrack.no (Registered 2022-10-28)
  • hobbyserver.no (Registered 2022-10-28)
  • hellofriend.no (Registered 2022-10-31)
  • telle.at (Registered 2022-11-02)
  • telle.pw (Registered 2023-01-02)
  • ticketcore.net (Registered 2023-04-24)
  • monitorcore.net (Registered 2023-06-30)
  • crypt3r.com (Registered 2023-12-10)