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New project: BilReg

2024.04.02 21:53:01 by atelle

BilReg is a small yet powerful project that taps into the public API provided by Vegvesenet, the Norwegian Road Administration. With this tool, you can easily look up any license plate registered in Norway and access comprehensive details about the associated vehicle.

I'm currently developing a caching system for this website to optimize performance, especially considering the constraint of 50,000 API calls per 24 hours.

The project can be found at


Fawdaw Mirror: 7 Years of Digital Archiving

2024.03.26 21:24:45 by atelle

For the past seven years, I've been curating a passion project called Fawdaw Mirror, and what a journey it's been! What started as a mere experiment utilizing some surplus storage space on my web server has evolved into a significant digital archive.

In the early days, back when Fawdaw Mirror first saw the light of the internet, it hosted a modest collection of 177 files amounting to a total of 57 GB. At that point, it was just a fun side endeavor, something to tinker with in my spare time.

However, as time went on, I found myself contemplating shutting it down. It seemed like an unnecessary burden on my resources. But before making any hasty decisions, I decided to do a bit of digging. To my surprise, I discovered that the site was not only active but also being actively utilized. It had garnered links from various forums, indicating its value within certain communities.

This revelation was a turning point. It made me realize that Fawdaw Mirror served a purpose beyond just being a personal project. It had become a resource, albeit unintended, for individuals seeking specific files and data.

Back in the old days, the site looked like this:



Fast forward to today, and Fawdaw Mirror has flourished. With 860 files now stored within its digital vaults, totaling a substantial 228 GB, it has become a comprehensive repository for a variety of materials.

One notable testament to its utility is its recognition as the most complete mirror on platforms like It's humbling to see how something that began as a simple experiment has grown into a valuable resource within its niche.

As I reflect on the journey of Fawdaw Mirror over the past decade, I'm filled with a sense of pride and gratitude. What started as a small-scale project fueled by curiosity has evolved into a testament to the power of digital archiving and community collaboration.

Here's to another decade of preserving digital history, one file at a time. Together, we're shaping the future of digital preservation.

You can view the Fawdaw Mirror project on


Imported old blog posts

2024.03.25 09:05:08 by atelle

I've successfully transferred all historical blog entries from previous platforms to this one. You can access them through the archive section. Please note that the homepage of my blog will exclusively display the six most recent posts.


New Blog CMS

2024.03.24 15:38:29 by atelle

I have re-build from the bottom to become more like a blog.
The old system did not use any database, making it hard to update.

The new system uses a database and let me post new blog posts really easy.
The CMS is built on the same core as TicketCore and MonitorCore.

As for now, the blog CMS is not open source, but that may change in the future, when i think it is ready.



2023.07.11 00:01:01 by atelle

I have built an add-on tool for TicketCore called MonitorCore. This is a monitoring system that integrates perfectly into TicketCore. It monitor all your systems every minute, and create a ticket to TicketCore if a service goes down. It also updates the same ticket if a service comes back up. The system can also send out Telegram notifications if this is enabled in TicketCore.

The project website is


The Internet

Archiving the web

2023.06.19 00:01:01 by atelle

In the digital age, the web has become an integral part of our lives, containing a vast amount of information and knowledge. As the web evolves at a rapid pace, preserving its content and ensuring its long-term accessibility has become a critical task. Web archiving, the process of collecting and storing web pages and websites for future reference, plays a crucial role in documenting the ever-changing digital landscape.

By archiving the web, we ensure that historical events, cultural phenomena, scientific discoveries, and social trends are preserved for future research, reference, and understanding.

I have started my own Archive project using ArchiveBox. I have currently saved ~3000 web pages on my own server with ArchiveBox, and are planning to set up another one in a datacenter to archive even more. I also help the community by running 3 instances of ArchiveWarrior.



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