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MonitorCore atelle

I have built an add-on tool for TicketCore called MonitorCore. This is a monitoring system that integrates perfectly into TicketCore. It monitor all your systems every minute, and create a ticket to TicketCore if a service goes down. It also updates the same ticket if a service comes back up. The system can also send out Telegram notifications if this is enabled in TicketCore.

The project website is

11 Jul 2023, 17:14 Published
Archiving the web atelle

In the digital age, the web has become an integral part of our lives, containing a vast amount of information and knowledge. As the web evolves at a rapid pace, preserving its content and ensuring its long-term accessibility has become a critical task. Web archiving, the process of collecting and storing web pages and websites for future reference, plays a crucial role in documenting the ever-changing digital landscape.

By archiving the web, we ensure that historical events, cultural phenomena, scientific discoveries, and social trends are preserved for future research, reference, and understanding.

I have started my own Archive project using ArchiveBox. I have currently saved ~3000 web pages on my own server with ArchiveBox, and are planning to set up another one in a datacenter to archive even more. I also help the community by running 3 instances of ArchiveWarrior.

19 Jun 2023, 14:09 Published
New project atelle

I love HomeLabs, and run a number of services and systems both at home and in the cloud.

As I set up more and more virtual servers and various systems running on these virtual machines I started to have a problem: when things went down I didn't find out until much later.

There are a couple of solutions to this. One can set up UptimeRobot or Pingdom to monitor your systems or set up an instance of UptimeKuma, a self-hosted alternative to one of the solutions above.

All the solutions work well, but the notification solution is not always optimal. UptimeRobot and Pingdom offer to send out an email (free) or sms (unsure of price) when things go down or up.
With UptimeKuma you have many more options: Email, Alerta, WebHooks, Telegram, etc. What makes UptimeKuma a little more complicated is that you have to set up the notification system yourself, for example configuring SMTP to receive emails. But those who set something up themselves have no problems with this.

One of the problems I had with UptimeRobot and Pingdom was that I could not monitor internal systems. This means that everything I run behind my firewall is not monitored.
Therefore, I chose to use UptimeKuma as the primary monitoring system, and have set up 3 instances of this in 3 different locations (one at home, one in a data center and one in Azure)

Another problem I had was that I had no overview of all the alarms that came in. I have configured all three UptimeKuma instances to send me a Telegram notification when something critical goes down, but it is difficult to have control over this in the long run.

To solve this problem, I chose to build an alarm center from scratch. I have tried to use systems that already exist, but these are often made for companies, and cost a lot of money for licenses. It was also a pretty cool project, where I learned a lot.

Here are some pictures of what the system looks like. I chose to use Bootstrap 5.3 as my design framework because it looks elegant, is easy to use, and supports both light and dark modes.

(Click on the pictures for full size)

The system currently has 3 APIs:

Bash - Allows me to send my own messages directly to the case system from a linux system. This allows me to configure notifications on various services I run, for example if a cronjob fails, or if the server restarts.

WebHook - A simple system that receives notifications directly from UptimeKuma. This means that tickets are generated instantly, and can receive large amounts of alarms at once.

Email - This system started using Cloudmailin. With this system I could send an email to Cloudmailin, which was forwarded to my system via WebHook. This system worked quite well, but is dependent on Cloudmailin, and has limitations on how many API requests can be made per month. To avoid this, I chose to set up my own e-mail server. Here I can send an unlimited number of emails, without reaching any limit per month. In order to get the e-mails into the case system, I have written a small API that connects to the e-mail server with IMAP, and retrieves all e-mails that were sent from a specific gmail account (Since I use Gmail's SMTP to send out e-mails). The API also ensures that an email is only added once, and ignores this on the next query. It's not a completely perfect system, since the API runs through the crontab once a minute on a server. This means that it can take up to 60 seconds from when an email is received until it is imported into the case system.

The project website is

17 Apr 2023, 20:37 Published
Packages for old ZyXEL NSA atelle

A few months ago, ZyXEL decided to turn off their FTP server that is used to serve Firmware/Packages to older NAS devices. This would result in an empty packages list, like the picture below.

(Click on the picture for full size)

This will break many functions of the device, including enabling SSH, that can be used to update SMB1 to SMB2, and make the device usable on Windows 10 and newer. To resolve this issue, i have gathered all packages, that can be downloaded from one of the links below. Just add all the files to the folder named zy-pkgs and click on "Retrieve List From Internet". All packages will now be available to install, as shown in the picture below.

(Click on the picture for full size)

Direct Download (Alternative):

TAGS: zy-pkgs NSA325 NSA310 Retrieve List From Internet Currently, there are no packages. Please use "Retrieve List From Internet" to update package list.

26 Jan 2023, 17:08 Published
Developement site atelle

I have created a new website that i use to test out features before publishing them to my website.
This site is available at

This site may lack some of the features in production, but makes it easier for me to develop the site and keep it up to date.

16 Jan 2023, 18:39 Published
First Post! atelle

This is the first post on my new website!
My old website can be found at

08 Jan 2023, 08:00 Published

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